Tungsten Capital Advisors

Tungsten Capital Advisors is an independent investment and advisory boutique.  Our principal activity is cross-border Corporate Finance advisory services for corporate, high net worth individuals and institutional clients.  We also provide Corporate Governance (ESG compliance) advice and Art and Philanthropy advisory services.  Our expertise is predominantly in Central Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Russia, the Caucasus and Central Asia regions, however, we have a passion for global emerging and frontier markets.  We selectively partner with other highly reputable financial advisors, family offices and investment funds, on a case by case basis, to provide the best possible advice and execution to our clients.  

In light of the current trends in the financial services industry where many larger firms are forced to constantly revise their business strategies, adjust to new regulations, shed staff and change their focus, Tungsten Capital Advisors provides consistent, objective, comprehensive, sophisticated and highly tailored solutions to client needs.