Equity Financing

Private Placements: At an early stage, companies usually need equity to finance growth. We work with clients to prepare a business plan, advise on the financing structure and valuation parameters, prepare the information materials and solicit suitable offers from venture capital or private equity funds. We also support clients in the negotiation process to secure the best terms from the most appropriate financing partners.

Private Equity Investments: For individual investors or private equity funds, we provide a wide range of advisory support, including sourcing of deals, screening and initiating discussion with potential acquisition target, coordinating extensive technical, financial and legal due diligence and assist in execution of investment mandates.

Public Equity Markets (IPOs, SPOs): While raising equity capital through an IPO or a secondary issue for that matter is a core activity of an investment bank, our team supports clients in managing this important and complicated process. We advise and help manage the day to day work of the bookrunners, legal, financial, technical and PR advisors necessary for the IPO process and ensure that you achieve the best possible results at an optimal cost.