Corporate Finance Services

We offer our clients sophisticated, objective and honest corporate finance advice.

For emerging markets companies seeking international financing, we can provide advice on international capital raising plans and efforts and assist with discussions with international financial institutions and investors.  This includes providing advice on:

  • Commercial bank loans, syndicated and structured financing
  • Equity via a private placement or public listing (where we can assist in working with the international underwriter or book runner)
  • Multilateral Agencies and Development Finance Institutions (e.g. EBRD and IFC) funding
  • M&A and Joint Ventures transactional support
  • Project Finance advice for complex Greenfield and Brownfield transactions

We can also work with companies to support best international Corporate Governance standards including ESG implementation and compliance.

For US, international and multinational clients looking at entry strategies into the local markets, we can provide geopolitical advice, deep local insight, and advise on Joint Ventures and M&A.


Please note that Tungsten Capital Advisors is not currently engaged in activities that would require broker-dealer or investment adviser registration.